Jaap Ligthart – Neighbours

LuPS it’s 116 release sees the return of Jaap Ligthart. His last 2 track EP called Liquor Bitch did well and now he delivers another more Tech House based track called Neighbours. We at LuPS don’t know much about Jaap his neighbours but if they sound as spooky as in this track then his neigbours should be the Adam’s family. Neighbours kicks of with a more downtempo groove and a deep long woven bassline. his all sets the pace for a freaky and somehow scary dark track. A creeking synthlayer and some violins are topping it of.

First remix comes from Mexican producer Constan. His re-interpretation of Neighbours also contains the caracteristic spooky synthlayers and violinsounds but he added a couple of new soundelements to create weird atmosphere. This remix is for the very late night hours.

The second remix of Neighbours comes from Mariano Pompeo. His remix is more uptempo and contains the bassline of the original. Probably Mariano thought that the Original was sounding to spooky so he added some bright piano synthstabs and some really cooling filtered sounds. All together this remix is a peaktime hour bomb.

The last remix comes from Snorkle. He drowned his remix into a deep bath of acidic flavoured sounds. A big pounding steamy groove keeps this remix going. On top the original violins and haunting creeking synthlayers found it’s place. Snorkle once again proves with this remix that he is a producer to keep an eye on in the near future.