Jaap Ligthart – Liquor Bitch EP

The 109th release on LuPS comes from Dutch producer Jaap Ligthart. He delivers an EP with 2 strong and anticipating Tech House tracks. Liquor Bitch is a laidback lovely feel good summerish track with a couple of  gorgeous synthlines and sounds. A long woven soundlayer and a bumpy synthstab are the earcatchers in this track.Topped of with groovy percussion and a fine warm bassline you simply will feel better when you drop this tune.

The first remix of Liquor Bitch comes from Snorkle. This Hungarian producer is rapidly making name and fame lately and once again he proves why he is being closely watched. His remix is more uptempo and contains a superb groove. Also here that gorgeous long woven soundlayer is the earcatcher. A deep dreamy breakdown in the middle of the track makes it all complete. A rocksolid remix.

The second remix comes from labelboss Jacco@Work. His reinterpretation of Liquor Bitch is bassed upon a steady rhythm structure and a deep bassline. Once again the lovely angelic synthsounds of the original are doing the job. With a couple of new elements this remix is a perfect chill out track after a hot day on the beach.

The other Original from Jaap is called Roger Ferrero. This track is just made for one purpose and that is rocking your pants off. The track kicks of with great pumping groove and a dark one stab bassline. After a while a haunting synthriff kicks in and then you realised that you’ve dropped a devilsh tune. This tune really rocks the crowed.

The only remix of Roger Ferrero comes from Dutch duo Analog Effect. They’ve completly stripped down the original track and only kept the main synthriff alive. Around that synthriff the build a deep Tech House groove in Analog Effect style. All along the breakdown section it sounds cool, but once everything turns back together and that synthriff gets morphed and tweaked kicks in then things are getting far more seriously. A solid remix from those two upcoming Dutch talents.

Releasedate: 15th of August 2012