IN5UM – Do You Know EP

Russian duo IN5UM (Alexey Kulikov and Mihail Beketov) is responsible for the 62th release on LUPS. They are delivering a 2 track EP. Both tracks are capturing that good old Progressive Trance style from a few years back.

Do You Know is an uptempo track with a firm kickdrum, a huge baseline and lovely eerie pads and melodies. For sure that this track brings your hands up into the air and makes you feel fine and great.

Travis Sher kept it close to the orignal with his remix of Do You Know. However his  remix is more modest, fragile and emotional and contains some very fine and fragile elements.

The original version Loveday is from the same calliber as Do You Know. It kicks of with some classic strings and melodies and then once again a huge compressed kickdrum sets the pace for the rest of the track, whilst some fine layers of crispy percussion does the rest of the job. To top it all of all the usual Trance elements are there to make you feel good.

The 1st remix of Loveday comes from Russian talent Bob Fanzidon. His remix is more Tech House orientated. You will find some blunted beats and percussion here combined with the trancey elements from the original track. All togehter it makes this remix not that average.

The 2nd remix of Loveday comes from Wav-E. He has put some serious magic into his remix. His remix kicks of with a complete new pianobased intro and stringsection which instantly grabs your attention. Then when the kickdrum hits the woofers and the baseline drops in there is just only one remedy and that is dance till you drop. This remix is a peaktime hour track for all those Trance lovers out there.

The last remix comes from masterremixer Loquai. He turned the original of Loveday into a  wicked breakbeat track with a very catchy baseline. This remix needs a few listens before you fully understand the beauty of it. The newly added melodylines are just so magical and emotional that they instanly are touching your soul. For sure that this remix of Loveday is soothing and easing up your mind, body and soul.