Ilya Gerus – Diamond Dew

The 206th release sees the return of Ilya Gerus. He delivers a not so average moody track with an ‘oldschool’ electrobeat structured rhythmpattern. On top of those electrobeats he placed a raw acidic bassline, a couple of industrial fx’s, a few foggy pads and a gorgeous moody melodyline which makes you start mesmerizing about all the lost things in life. This track is a tiny little diamond gem.

The first remix comes from Manu F. He created a steady groove with tight percussionlines and a deep bassline. To top it of he reinserted the foggy pads from the original track.

The second remix comes from Maxi Iborquiza. His remix kicks of with a deep kickdrum and tiny bits of percussion. All along the way the track gets filled with new elements like a very deep bassline, soaring sweeps, the foggy moody pads from the original, female voicesnippets and some new additional choirlines. This is a perfect setstarter.

The third remix comes from Mitaric. After his very well received release on LuPS called Neith he now shows up with a great remix. This remix is also a great setstarter as it dives into the deep parst of your soul. Mitaric perfectly assembeled his remix with a razorblad precision. Each layer and element has been perfectly fitted. This all leads to a flowing, relaxing and yet gorgeous beautiful track which takes you far away from your daily worries.

To round this release up in style Yuriy From Russia shows up again for yet another great remix. Yuriy his remix contains a wobbly bassline and tight percussionlines which he combined with the moody melodyline from the original version. Also Yuriy added a few new elements like a heavenly choir and a couple of quirky sounds. Another fine and bright remix from the man of the moment.

Release date: April 2nd, 2014