Ilya Deep – Icarus

LuPSRec 148 sees the debut of Ilya Deep. This new breed Russian producer delivers an atmospheric, foggy and breakable track. Long layers of oozing sounds are creating a melancholic fragile atmosphere where you can hear the elfs and angels sing.

The first remix comes from Mindshield. He turns the track into an even deeper melancholic scene and explores every inch of your soul. A bold gorgeous reverbed bassline is doing the job here. It carries the track on such a way that this remix just sneaks under your skin and find itself a way towards your brains. Halfway the track Mindshield inserts a superb synthstab which is the icing on the cake. Allthough his remix is called Last Breath Remix it surely proves that Mindshield is a producer to look after for the upcoming years.

The second remix comes from producers duo Kaya . Hailing from Ireland those youngsters are entering the scene with a cool mixture of styles. This is not an average prog house remix but a fine blend of Tech House, Trance and Progressive. It all causes an epic remix of Icarus which will shake some dancefloors for sure.

The third remix comes from Fake Truth. His Trancey Wings remix is a splendid crossover between Progressive Breaks and Trance. This remix just grabs your soul and doesn’t let it go until the track ends. 

The last remix comes from Fiddler. He also created a sort of moviepicture sound with long epic organsounds and breathing synthlines. He combined it with a steady rhythmstructure which causes an hypnotic and spooky remix.


Release date: February 13th, 2013