Guido Percich – Greenwich

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Upcoming talent Guido Percich hits the floor with a rocksolid two track EP called Greenwich.

The 1st Original called Greenwich is a dreamy and floating track based upon eerie emotional strings and a laidback groove. For sure this track puts you into higher states and sooth your ears.

The other Original called Frisis is also a delicious piece of music. Bubbling arplines, moody melodylines and a pulsating baseline are the ingredients for a trippy ride into space.

1st remix of Frisis comes from Matrick. Once again he delivered a masterpiece. Only Matrick is that good in the deep, melodic housescene. A stunning remix that has little to do with the original.

2nd remix of Frisis comes form Jacco@Work. He turned the into a swirrling epic breaksremix with a dozen of fx’s without losing the moody and emotional feel of the original version.

The 3rd remix of Frisis comes from Fernando Ferreyra. Here a demanding and pounding groove became the backbone of a more dark orientated remix that contains the recognisable samples of the Original. The wicked filtered and tweaked breaksesion with the pianolines is just stunning.

Last remix of Frisis comes from Pablo Acenso. This guy needs no further introduction and LuPS is more then happy to release his breathtaking and mighty remix of Frisis. This is Tech House to the max and takes you back to the good old days. A devestating kickdrum and baseline shows you all the corners of the dancefloor and leads the way. On top of that the filtered and spaced out melodylines and synthsnippets of the Original track can be found. Without a doubt this is timeless peaktime hour sure shot gem and a musthave!!!