Groove Vibrations – Protechssive EP

LuPSRec 181 brings a two track EP which contains new work from Matias Mannelli.
The title track Protechssive contains a ratherĀ old school Prog House feel. A pounding simple groove has beenĀ combined with an old school prog bassline and all sorts of percussion, synthstabs and fx’s. Together this is causing a hypnotic and dark track which takes you back into time.

The second track is called Ali Kosh and is a more Tech House orientated track. A whobbly groove and simple but yet driving bassline are creating a danceable chugging groove which really can’t be resist. On to Matias placed some very cool syntstabs and fx’s. Halfway the breakdown a tweaked melodyline and an epic tranceriff are causing a hands in the air effect. For sure this is dancefloor killer.

Release date: June 26th, 2013