Gosh pres Kanov - Cold Day

Gosh presents Kanov – Cold Day EP

Gosh returns to LuPS for a second EP. This fast upcoming Russian producer delivers a solid EP which includes two Original tracks called Cold Day and Prediction.

The Original of Cold Day is a fine example of how deep Tech House can sound. Nice and fine layers of sound on top of a firm kickdrum and baseline are causing a deep hypnotic effect. This track is a nice setbuilder.

The remix of Andrew Johnson is totally the opposite of the Original. Andrew Johnson shos his skills with a splendid housey remix with a massive drive. This remix is a sure shot in a warm up set due it’s open, clever and attractive way of production. Just check out the lovely deep breakdown with a deep resonating baseline and you know enough.

The second remix of Cold Day comes from Greek producer Psychowsky. Also he is no stranger in todays prog-housescene. His remix of Cold Day is a driving track with a more trancey twist and feel. Some epic synth riffs, acidic appregios and a few angelic eerie syntlines are spicing it all up.

The Original of Predicition is a dark Tech House track with a deep huge resonating baseline (be sure you got a filled stomage) that really pushes the track forward. All along towards the break you’ll find a whawha synthsound that sounds very spooky. In the break this whawha synthline reaches it’s limit and then it suddenly disappears to pop up again later in the track. Anyway this track is just demanding and could set a dancefloor on fire.

The Alternative Mix of Prediction is more relaxed allthough it contains almost the same resonating baseline. This version is still demanding as the Original but the difference is that it contains some more melodic elements and just sound ‘lovier’. It is up to the DJ to decide which version will do best during a set.