G’N’P Tauro – Green

LuPS it’s 108th release is from G’N’P Tauro. After several remixes and an original track on the label Guido Murat thought it was about time for another Original track. He delivered Green. A true type G’N’P Tauro track which stands for a perfect balanced blend of Progressive and Tech House. A lushy groove has been filled up with all sorts of tweaked soundsnippets, dripping sounds, short synthstab and crispy percussion. Together it all leads to a hypnotic track that just grows after each listen.

First remix comes from Mexican producer Neftali Blasko. His remix kicks of with a deep dreamy pad a fine groove. At 1 minute a boiling bassline kicks in and then the track is┬áready to take off. For sure when the short sampled old school techy piano hits the van. Topped of with some great percussion and weird fx’s this remix is pushing the people towards the dancefloor.

The last remix comes from another Mexican producer. Constan transformed the Original into a moody dreamy prog house track with a solid drive. Lushy pads, eerie synthlines and a deep buzzing bassline are the main elements for a trippy voyage into time and space.

Release date: October 24th, 2012