GM Project – Frozen Memories

For the 192th release on the label Italian producer Giuseppe Mucciolo aka GM Project delivers a more old school progressive trance track. The track takes off with a percussionloop and a deep foggy dreamy pad similar like the one in the old school track Latour – Blue. As the track develops towards the break Giuseppe adds a one stab arped bassline and a few white noise fx’s. During the breakdown the track got filled up with new spacey elements like arped bellsounds and eerie melodylines. Then when everything gets back together the track finally takes of.

The first remix comes from Manu F. After his previous well received release on LuPS called Particular Skill he now returns with a druggy yet trippy remix which by far doesn’t sound like the original track. Here and there you hear the original elements but the way Manuel used is rather cool and experimental. For sure not an average remix but one that grows after each listen.

The second remix comes from Fake Data aka Paul McDonald. This remix contains an uptempo groove with a rather solid drive and a cool slappy basslinem which gives the track its necessary exposure and twist. On top of this danceable groove Paul created a mellow atmosphere with crispy percussion and fresh cool sounds. All together this remix is a decent setbuilder.

The last remix comes from Israelian duo Mr.Raf & Hezi Rachmani. The return to LuPS with a Prog Tech remake of Frozen Memories. Their remix contains a dark pounding demanding groove with a haunting and spooky atmosphere. A sure shot on the dancefloor during those late night hours.

Release date: January 29th, 2014