Furkan Colak – Renton

LuPS Records it’s 128th release contains a track from Turkish producer Furkan Colak. His track Renton kicks of with a steamy groove with a deep sucking bassline. After 1 minute a catchy stuttering synthstab gets fade in. This gives the track an uplifting feel and vibe. All along the way all kinds of sound fx’s have been added. Together with the crispy percussion it makes this track very danceable.

The first remix comes from Constan. His remix is more uptempo. A steady groove with solid percussion lines leads the way to a swirling and dazzling adventure into time and space. This remix just kicks as with a pumping bassline and it’s hypnotic syntstabs in the back and it’s fragile pads. This is late night afterhour stroboscope pleasure.

The last remix comes from Mariano Pompeo. He created a sleazy and more minal groove. After that he’d pushed the original stuttering synstab through a vocoder and spread this out over the groove. This combination gives a very weird but yet hypnotic and deep feel. With this remix Mariano proves that he just dares to experiment with sounds and that he is not an avarage producer.

Release date: November 14th, 2012