Franzis-D – Wildfire EP

Franzis-D returns to LuPS for the 123rd release of the label. Once again he delivers a 3 track EP with Originals only. What all 2 tracks do have in common is that they are drowned into tribalism.

The title track of this EP is called Wildfire and contains a more downtempo tribal groove with a deep pulsating bassline that just goes on and on towards a very atmospheric breakdown which has been filled up with many liquid soundlayers and cool male vocal fx’s. This breakdown is the turningpoint in this track because after things are getting back together a moody and emotional tracks appears which grabs you by the troath.

The second track is called La Latina and kicks of with also a tribalgroove and a deep growling stuttering basssynth riff. On top of this steamy spooky groove you’ll find all sorts of filtered synthstabs and cinematic soundsnippets and fx’s. All together this is a haunting uptempo late night hour brainpiercing bomb in disguise which leaves you restless.

The last track of this EP is called Jericho and is a more experimental track. A big bold reverb bassdrum is combined here with lightweight percussion elements and a few ready to use loops which gives this track a more tribalfeel. To top it Franzis took a handfull of spooky deep dark sounds and a few eerie soundscapes to create a driving atmospheric tune in Franzis-D style.

Release date: September 19th, 2012