Franzis-D – Life Cycle EP

The 59th release brings spanish producer Franzis-D to the surface with a solid 3 track EP.  All his 3 originals are atmospheric tracks with an melancholic touch and a solid groove  that characterizes the style of Franzis-D.

The Original of Life Cycle contains a firm kickdrum and deep resonating bassline and some crispy percussion. On top as said long layers of melancholic sounds.

The remix of Life Cycle has been done by Loquai. You simply can’t go wrong when you ask this guy for a remix. His remix contains a superb deep driving groove that just goes on and on. On top all kinds of sounds are flying in and out. This remix is just quality.

The Original of In Requim is again a typical Franzis-D track but this time based on a more tribal beatpattern.  On top you’ll find some fine melodies.

The remix of In Requim has been done by newcomer on the label Bob Fanzidon. He simply couldn’t introduce himself better then with this massive remix. His reinterpretation of In Requim is just mindblowing. A dark backwards bassline combined with very well programmed beats and percussion and fazed out spooky synthslines makes this remix a very usable peaktime floorfiller.

The Original of Opium Market is the most melodice and friendly sounding track of this EP. Again the track contains the typical beatstructure and percussion but on top as said you’ll find some lovely melodylines and synthstabs.

The remix of Opium Market comes from Kris Brown. This remix is somehow close to the original track but with a far more danceable groove.  A firm kickdrum and a punchy drive  really takes this remix  to a higher level.