Franzis-D – Alice In The Dark EP

LuPS it’s 103rd release sees the return of Franzis-D. Thuis guy doesn’t need no introduction any longer.
Again he signed a 3 track EP which contains true type Franzis-D tracks. The title track Alice In The Dark is a spooky tribal piece of art. Eerie soundscapes anmd lushy pads are creating a mystic atmosphere. The remix Alice In The Dark comes from Stanisha. This remix goes even deeper and is more moody and modest. Stansiha added some more sparkling pads and melodies to create a breathing fairytale track.

The second Original track of this EP is called Shangri-La. Again a firm tribalistic rhythm section does the work here. The contracts with atmospheric outerspace soundscapes, a dark growling bassline and chopped up female vocalsnippets makes this track a not so average one. The remix comes from Constan and is more Tech House orientated. A big punchy kick and a short pumping bassline makes this a perfect groover. On top Constan replaced the original soundscapes and the chopped up vocalsnippets.

The third track from this EP is called Umbrella Corporation. Also this track is dark and spooky. A techy groove is the backbone for a demanding dark progtrack for those late night hours. Big bombastic sounds and some old school synthstabs are topping it all of. The remix comes from Yamil Farag and is a more classic piece of prog house. He used the old school proggy synthstabs as key element to create a wobbly track with a punchy vibe.

Release date: June 6th, 2012