FOND – Nibree

The 225th release on LuPS Records sees the return of FOND. After his well received track Afix he now delivers a similiar sounding track called Nibree. The original contains a sleazy chugging groove with driving percussion, a deep pumping bassline, a filtered apreggioline and a few more Tech House elements. This is causing a druggy atmopshere which is very suitable for the more darker Tech House orientated dancefloors.

The first remix comes from Ajmal. His debut on LuPS is a solid one. His remix kicks off with a great groove which contains razorsharp wellprogrammed percusionlines and a hypnotic atmopshere. As the track develops Ajmal inserted all the original elements in a well overthought persistent way. Allthough he kept his remix close to the original this remix just has a bigger groove.  Great remix and solid production.

The last remix comes from Kissoff. Also for Kissoff it is his debut on the label. Kissoff delivers a more classic sounding Prog House remix with a dark growling bassline with on top a magical atmospheric soothing carpet of pads, smooth synthstabs and crispy percussionlines. This is a great after hour track with the right ammount of relaxation and depth.

Release date: June 11th, 2014