Fond – Afix

The 203rd on LuPS sees the debut of FOND. The original is a perfect setstarter as it kicks off with a bubbling arpline and a cool deep moogy sound which are creating a tensed atmosphere. All along the way new elements are being introduced which finally leads to the long awaited moment that the bassline and kickdrum are hitting the speakers. This is the moment that this track instantly sets a perfect chilling mood. Slick well programmed percussion, all sorts of flying sounds, reverbed stabs, arplines and fx’s are causing a great soundscape for a great night out.

The first remix comes from Stanisha. Also his remix has a great opening which instantly grabs your attention. A foggy breathing deep magical atmosphere explores each corner of your brain. It works like a drug and makes you feel you are flying. Underneath this atmospheric carpet  lies a deep chugging groove with crispy percussion. Another masterpiece from Stanisha.

The last remix comes from hard working DJ and producer Jaap Ligthart. His remix of Afix is one for the peaktime hours. Like his remix of Beat Maniacs – Hi Shelf this remix also contains again a majestic devastating groove. Clever and wellprogrammed percussion makes this track a bomb. Together with a deep basslineriff and tweaked and filtered sounds of the original track you realize that there is now way to escape from this great remix.

Release date: February 5th, 2014