Fitz Doncs and Dorgs presents Preference – The Motion

Well this time LuPS goes Tech House with a new collective from Jersey (Canal Islands) called Fitz Doncs and Dorgs. One of the members of Fitz Doncs and Dorgs is Stevie Fitz beter known as being part of the C.O.U. Muzik clan.

The Original is a uplifting piece of Tech House, suitable for the peak hours. It contains a growling baseline combined with a steady beat. Acidic noises and swirling synthlines are spread all over the track to make is shine and crispy.

Pierre Sebastiano takes things a bit slower. A steady groove has been combined well with the original samples but with a sublime new leadline half way this remix takes you into higher atmospheres.

Duane Barry returns to LuPS with one of his typical breaksremixes. Again Duane Barry delivers an epic and atmospheric remix which could be used as great setcloser.

Also James Ryan and Andrew Johnson are returning to LuPS. Well what to say about this remix? If this remix doesn’t move you then there must be something seriously wrong with you.
A firm kickdrum, great percussion, a strong pulsating baseline and a serious delicious change of style halfway the remix makes this a remix a one to be after.