Faze Out – Stomp It & Not Afraid EP

LuPS 052 brings back Estonian producer Andres Aljaste aka Phasebase aka Future Life aka Faze Out. This release is without a doubt one of LuPS its brutal releases to date. This time we take the Techno / Tech-House route and how?

Both Original tracks are contianing firm beats and baselines and crispy percussion. Stomp It is a no mercy track when it comes to Tribal beats and baselines. This track surely shakes up the dancefloor whilst  Not Afraid is a haunting dark grinding track for those late night hours when you are almost down and out of clubbing and raving.

The remixes of Not Afraid are even heavier and shows us the talent of a young female rookie from Estonia called Merimell. Only 19 years  Merimell knows how to create Techno tracks. This remix is a bomb and so dark and spooky that it easily could become the new soundtrack of a horror movie.
The 2nd remix of Not Afraid has been done by Bildjan. This remix is just one big trip on crispy beats, percussion and synthlines. This remixes wipes the floor and shows you each corner of it.

The remixes of Stomp It has been done by two of Poland’s finest producers. Yoonior delivers  a Deep House remix with a smooth and warm summerish groove and a fingerlicking baseline. This remix is a perfect set starter. Peres takes the Tech House route with his remix. A slick and sleazy groove with a acidic baseline is the perfect backbone for  a mindless trip.