F-Project – Block House

LuPS is back with a new single made by Britsh undiscovered talent F-Project.
F-Project shows up with a great prog tune which contains a lot of depth and variety in sound all build upon a solid rhtythmstructure and baseline.

Remixes this are coming from Aeron Aether, Jerico and Jacco@Work.

The Aeron Aether Remix is a solid dancefloor gem. No way that you can sit still when hearing this remix. It is funky, catchy and crispy and it just rocks. A sure shot.

Jerico takes a different route and takes the listener in to the depth of sounds. For sure this is a swirling trip into mindless pleasure.

Jacco@Work keeps it more close to the original this time and added his trademark groove and chopped up samplemethod in order to make it even more danceable and catchy.