F-Act – Skinny Dipping

Next release on LuPS Records comes from very talented Swiss producer F-Act (Bruno Kaufmann).
He delivers a very impressive Original with a stunning melodyline that is instant recognisable when you hear it for the second time. The beatless intro makes this Original track a perfect setopener which instantly sets the mood with a good vibe.First remix comes from wellknown producer Lemon8. His remix contains the typical Lemon8 vibe. A steady repetitive groove with crispy percussion and lots of depth are combined with a driving bassline. These are the main elements for a mindless trip. On top you will find the eerie synthlayers of the Original work. Together with a breathtaking break this is a top notch remix!Second and last remix comes from Josh Abrams. His remix is a perfect peaktimehour bomb. Also here that gorgeous arped melodyline does the job together with a stunning goosebumping break you simply can’t go wrong when thrrowing this remix down. Success garanteed.


Release date: May 16th, 2012