Erdi Irmak – Walking Backwards

LuPS 078th release brings fast upcoming Turkish talent Erdi Irmak to the surface. Erdi delivers a solid two track EP. His sound is a bit unconventional but at the same time very danceable and groovy. The Original of Walking Backwards contains a driving rhythm with on top some rather catchy bleepy soundstabs and some swirling arppregios and wide layered pads. 

The remix of Walking Backwards has been done by Spanish men of the moment Franzis-D. His remix contaiis build upon a steady pumping kickdrum which he combined with some good old oldschool percussionloops.  Also this remix captures that trippy and hypnotic feeling of the Original.

The Original of Cyber Girl is way beyond imagination. Erdi shows his talent here for creating weird dark and spooky soundscapes. Once these soundscapes are combined with beats and percussion they are really come alive. Then when the really catchy spacy hookline hits the fan this track rocketeers into the sky.

The remix of Cyber Girl comes from Stefan DJordjevic. He makes his debut on LuPS and how. His remix just sneaks into your mind , body and soul without notifying it. A fingerlicking groove with very well programmed percussion does the job here. When the demanding bassline drops in the whole track really takes off. Of course also in this remix the spacey hookline is the main catchy element. This remix is a sure shot!!