Erdi Irmak – Jerk EP

LuPSRec 090 sees the return of Erdi Irmak with a 2 track EP called Jerk. The title track Jerk is based upon a groovy Deep House beatloop with some spaced out synthstabs and a dark bassline. On top you’ll find some cool male voxsnippets. A perfect warming up tune.The other Original track is called Knowledge And Awareness. For sure this track is one of Erdi’s most experimental works to date. An offbeat rhythm pattern and some pretty haunting synthsriffs are the main elements for a dark and spooky track. For sure this track is not average and it takes several listenings to understand the magic of this track.The first remix of Knowledge And Awareness comes from Repton. This remix contains an uptempo Tech House groove and does have a more minimal approach.

The second remix of Knowledge And Awareness comes from labelboss Jacco@Work. His remix is a Deep House bassed track with a sleezy groove that does the job. Together with the original samples and some new additional synthlines and elemants this remix is a fine warming up tune.

The last remix of Knowledge And Awareness comes from Boral Kibil. Boral is rapidly making some name and fame. Surely this remix will cause some extra attention. His remix captures the true type gloomy old school prog house feel. A deep hypnotic groove with a warm bassline and solid spun out synthlayers and some additional vox snippets are doing their work very well. The best remix of the package.

Release date: May 23rd, 2012