Elvin Ong – Ramen

LuPS Records 061 brings new kid on the block Elvin Ong (formerly known as DJ Jellybean X). Elvin is a producer/DJ hailing from Los Angeles, California but raised in Kuching, Malaysia. His track Ramen is a fine and nive crossover between Progressive, Club and Trance and does its work very well on the mainroom dancefloor.

The 1st remix comes from Aggressor. This guy can’t simply do wrong lately. He turned the Original into a steamy hot piece of driving Tribal Progressive. On top of all those tribal beats and massive basslines  you’ll find stuttering synthstabs and chopped up synthhooks. A sure shot when you want to go dark.

The 2nd remix comes from ZB. He returns to LuPS in style. His remix contains a big pounding kickdrum and a proper warm and groovy bassline. Topped off with a few new melodyline and some crispy driving percussion, this remix does very well at club.

The last remix comes from ever consitent producer Loquai. Once again he delivers a very strong remix with a huge groove and drive. This remix is for sure a hands in the air and feel good track for the peaktime hours.