Eiad Sayegh & Ollie V – Intactness

LuPS 049 brings forth a collab track between Stockholm based dj, producer Eiad Sayegh and Ollie V from the UK. Intactness is such a track that instantly grabs your attention. Based upon a arped baseline this track dives into the depth of sounds. Some Tech House synthstabs and eerie pads are topping it all of.

Alongside the Original you will find 4 remixes done by Matrick, Loquai, Psychowsky and Gosh&Kanov.

The remix from Matrick is a more Electro minded and contains some fine rough edge elements and a firm kickdrum and baseline. This remix surely does it’s work at peaktime hours in the club. Just check the break and you know why.

Loquai took a totally different route with his remix. Beautiful lushy soundscapes on top of a perfect rhythm structure are the key ingredients for a mindless voyage through time and space. This is timeless music and for sure a beauty in disguise.

Psychowsky from Greece switched on his syntheziser and squeezed out a Giorgio Morroder baseline which became the backbone of this remix. A firm and steady kickdrum with crispy percussion does the rest of the work. On top nice and shiny synthstabs. This is peaktime dancefloor stuff.

Last remix comes from talented Russian producer Gosh & Kanov. He turned the Original track into a dark grinding Prog Trance monster. A growling baseline, some high pitched phasing syntlines and a stunning break with some fragile melodies makes this remix a must have.