East Cafe – Hemisphere EP Part 2 : Winter Solstice

This is the 2nd part of the 2 track EP from East Cafe called Hemisphere. Just as part 1 the original will be escorted by 3 remixes. And how? Well once again check out.

The Original mix of Winter Solstice includes again all the usual quality of a East Cafe track. This is atmospheric epic progressive house music at its best with majestic melodies and a rocksolid arrangement.
A track to stay warm.

Airillusions makes his debut on LuPS and he delivered a more laidback version. Crispy percussion has been spread all over the track like tiny snowflakes. Just like the Original this remix is breathing and inhaling fresh air. This is true progressive from the heart.

Also this 2nd part includes a breaks remix. Duane Barry created a magic and delicate breaks remix which is very suitable for finishing a set. This remix includes a very catchy melody that just stuck in your mind and stay there until the next day or even longer.

The last remix comes from talented ‘new kid on the block’ Kay-D. Once again this Hungarian rookie shows his strength and knowledge how to create tracks that are shaking up dancefloors. This track already found its way in several charts and sets over the last few months. An absolute true winner!