East Cafe – Hemisphere EP Part 1 : Summer Solstice

LuPS Records 17th release comes from talented Hungarian producer East Cafe. Summer Solstice is the 1st track of his 2 track EP on LuPS called Hemisphere. Each original will be escorted by 3 remixes. And how? Well check out.

The Original mix of Summer Solstice includes all the usual quality you’d expect from East Cafe track. Atmospheric epic progressive house music at its best. A good start indeed.

The Ali Inzel remix contains the typical Turkish flavoured rhythm structure which pushes the track forwards. Together with the atmospheric soundscapes this is a delicious warm up track.

For all the breakbeat minded proglovers, LuPS has some good news. Embliss returned to LuPS for a remix and decided that a breaks work out would suit again the best this time.
And how he managed? His Breaks Mix is a stunning piece of art. A laidback breaksrhythm structure with a very funky and sleazy baseline combined with aditional melodylines turns the remix into a fantasy adventure.

Also Michael&Levan and Stiven Rivic are returning to LuPS and squeezed out a top nothc remix again. A true type M&L + SR remix with all the right ingredients like a rocksolid flow, wide soundscapes, eerie soundpads and crsipy percussion. This remix is causing goosebumps although it is 30 degrees outside. A musthear and musthave!