East Cafe – Fayerye

Again another former artist on LuPS returns with a stunning and beautiful track called Fayerye. The Original is a true type East Cafe track with atmospheric melodies, eerie pads and angelic voices on a deep resonating bassline.

The first remixes comes from another Hungarian veteran called Kay-D. His remix contains a majestic groove and a couple of long fazed out pads and synthlayers. On top the fragile melodylines of the original track does the rest.

The Alfoa Fairy Breaksmix is proggy breaks heaven in a more subtle way.  Once again the combination of  a rather slick and very well programmed groove combined with the fragile melodylines of the original is the key for a gorgeous remix.

The Loquai Breaks Mix is also proggy breaks heaven in a different way. A deep growling bassline and a haunting breakbeat is all you need for a track with balls.  Also here the contrast with the eerie soundscapes is causing goosebumps.

The other remix by Loquai contains a heavy weight groove and some rather crispy percussion. This remix is a very solid and warm afterhour track for those cold long winternights.