E.F.G. – Utopia EP

The 199th release on LuPS sees the return of one of Polands’s finest producers. Oleg Szyszkin aka E.F.G. delivers a stunning 3 track EP full with massive prog break tracks.

The first track on this EP is with Stygian. Sunrise After Storm is a downtempo abit growling dark and spooky track with a gorgeous German flute played by Stygian. The contrast between the flute and the rest of the track makes it magic.

The second track is called Same Places Different Time. This track showcases the great askills of Oleg.  Same Places Different Time captures a raw B-boy flavour combined with prog synth stabs, some old-school synthsounds and great fx’s. All together this is a peaktime Prog Breaks track.

The last track on this EP is the title track called Utopia. This track contains a more blunted broken beats structure then Same Places Different Time. This is giving Utopia a more darker and raw feeling. On top of the blunted beats Oleg placed a gorgeous carpet of pads, synthlines, melodies and fx’s. This track is flying by like a deep mistic dream and rolls out fluidly.

Release date: December 4th, 2013