Dr. Avalance – Ultraviolet Dreams

Simon Gomez aka Dr. Avalance returns to LuPS Records. After his well received release Invisible Things it is now time to bring another strong track called Ultraviolet Dreams. A crispy sort of laidback groovy rhythmstructure and a slappy bassline are the backbone of this chunky and fresh sounding track. Simon used a raw techy arpline which he filtered very smoothly through the track . This arpline creates an airy lightweight feeling. On top Simon placed a few filtered sounds and stabs and a male vocalsnippet to top it all off.

The first remix comes from Hungarian fast rising talent Deriwer aka Tibor Toth. After his very vell received single We Are Machines it is now tme for another pumping Prog Tech remix of Ultraviolet Dreams. His remix kicks off with a hard pounding groove filled up with haunting synthriff. This sets the vibe for a deep, spooky track with a druggy dreamy atmosphere. This remix surely makes you dream in ultraviolet.

The last remix in this package comes from fresh new talent Mlab. Hailing from Greece Mlab brings a classic prog house remix. Mlab combined a deep one stab bassline with a classic prog house rhythmstructure. On top he placed all sorts of fx’s, spaced out syntstabs, long delayed crashes, pads and vocalsnippets. All together this remix became pretty trippy and hypnotic and surely it will does it’s work in an after hour set.

Release date: October 23rd, 2013