Dr. Avalance – Invisible Things

LuPSRec 170 brings an Original from Dr. Avalance. Born in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Simon Gomez a.k.a. Dr. Avalance was intrigued by the music since very young, until the 90’s he discovered the magical world of Midi. After many “experiments” and collaborations with musicians through a decade, in the 2000th year of the Common Era he decided to seriously produce electronic music. Dr. Avalance aka Simon Perez now lives in the north of Spain. His Dutch roots and his Spanish blood are causing a magical effect on his music.

His original tracks contains a more downtempo groove with crispy percussion. On top he placed all sorts of Jean Michel Jarre sounding synthstabs and pads. The whole arrangement and atmosphere of this original is just spacey and druggy.

The first remix comes from ever constintent Dutch duo Analog Effect. Their Rework version just goes deep and sneaks under your skin. A moody but steady percussion groove with on top a couple of morphed and tweaked synthriffs, leads you to the breakdown section which is pretty intense. When it all get’s back together the track really takes of.

The last remix comes from and another duo Juan Feijoo & Fran Rodriguez. They build a more uptempo big room groove with a dark growling bass and a fragile yet breakable spooky atmosphere. This remix sounds like the good old Luke Chable tracks from early 2000.

Release date: June 6th, 2013