DJ Borra – Mystical Or Magical

LuPSRec 082 brings Bulgarian producer Borra aka Bobby Nikolov. Borra’s style can be defined as a mixture of deep, funky and progressive house. His Original track is no exception in that case. A bumping bassline pushes the track forwards as on top some dreamy soundlayers find it’s place. Combined with a funky synthriff this track does it’s way in a rather hypnotic state.

The first remix comes from Russian producer Smartrunner. He turned the Original into a sleazy and groovy more downtempo Tech House version with a very fine deep bassline.

The second remix comes from Tim Robert. This remix is close to the Original but contains a more defined crsipy groove and a reprogrammed bassline. Again the funky synthstabs are the earcathcer.

The last remix comes from another Bulgarian talent called Toppy. His remix is a stunning piece of work in the one and only true type Toppy style. This is heartbreaking prog house at it’s best. A majestic groove with some well programmed percussion sets the pace for some mindless peaktime hour pleasure. This remix shows you each corner of your soul and leaves you speechless when it is over. Only one thing remains after that. You want to hear it again and again and again.