Dimitris Dagas – Question Of A Smile EP

LuPSRec 104 brings Greek producer Dimitris Dagas to the surface. Dimitris delivers a 2 track EP with a deep, moody and atmospheric vibe and feel. Breathing Ocean is a soothing track with lots of eerie layers and a dream atmosphere. The other Original track called Question Of A Smile is a more groovy track with a cool bassline and more melodylines and even violins. Both tracks are capturing that laidback mediterranean atmosphere.

The only remix of Question Of A Smile comes from another mediterranean producer called Franzis-D. His remix does also contains that laidback groovy feel. Franzis added a few new elements and a deep resonanting bassline. Some cool fx’s are topping it off.

The first remix of Breathing Ocean comes from Mexican producer Constan. Constan must be inspired by the deep blue sea full of fish and coral as his relaxing and soothing remix easily drafts pictures of a deep seadive into the beautifull world underneath the watersurface.

The second remix comes from fast upcoming producer Kaan Koray. His remix is beautifully crafted and fragile and delicate like French lace. Also here the soothing atmosphere has been kept very well and together with a new flute melody you simply can’t go wrong when you need to ease from a hard day at the office.

 Release date: July 25th, 2012