Destination Dordrecht

It is time to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of LuPS Records. This Sampler is the first specialty of handfull other things which are in the pipeline to celebrate a milestone. For this special Sampler we collected a couple of outstanding tracks by Peres, Napalm, Toppy, Neel V and Jacco@Work & Analog Effect.

Peres is no stranger to LuPS Records. Many of his Original tracks got signed on the label over the past few years . Especially for this Sampler he delivered a groovy and yet sleazy Deep House track with that typical Peres flavour. Crispy percussion, a bumpy bassline, long pads and short moody synthstabs. Spinner is another fine example of the distinctive style of one of Polands memorable producers.

Next track on the Sampler comes from fast rising talent Napalm. Nanai Pal first appeared on the label in June 2012 with his track Long Journey. It was the most succesfull track on the Spread It Till I Die Sampler 004. After that Nanai signed a couple of EP’s and an Album which all went down very well. Then it was about time for a team up with d-phrag. 43 was the duo’s first release ever and instantly brought them name and fame. Also Nanai delivered a special track for the Anniversary edition. Code 72 is another masterpiece with lovely pads, soothing melodies and a gorgeous breathing atmosphere. Perhaps this track will be again the most succesfull track on the Sampler.

The third track comes from Neel V. Also his first appearance on LuPS Records was back in June 2012 on the same Spread It Till I Die Sampler 004. His track Illicit Dreams was a re-release and did pretty well. Neel V his story is similair to the story of Napalm but except a team up. Also Neel signed a couple of tracks with the label and arranged some great remixes which caused a couple of very interesting and strong releases. His track for this Sampler is called Rumpelstiltskin and contains a spooky, dark and druggy atmosphere. This is Tech House for those late night hours.

The fourth track comes from LuPS Records veteran Vasil Mihov aka Toppy. Toppy joined the label in it’s very early stage. Already release 007 contained a remix from his hand. With his deep, soothing and timeless Prog House sound Toppy proved over the years that he is a stayer. Vasil is one of those producers who lies his soul fully into the music he creates. That is what can be heard. Lavender Aura is no exception to that aspect. It is another timeless jewel which captures the creators soul.

The last track comes from Dutch trio Jacco@Work & Analog Effect. They also appeared several times on the label with their tracks Ramjam and Sugarblondie. Now they are showing up with Alternate. This track is the endresult of a studiojamsession from a while ago. Alternate builds up slowly towards the breakdown where a techy syntstab hits the fan. This stabs rotates the track 180 degrees and turns into a danceable groovy Tech House stomper. Somehow Alternate is a weird track, but that doesn’t make it less interesting

Release date: March 27th, 2013