Deriwer – We Are Machines

The 179th release on the label sees the return of Deriwer. He delivers a Tech House orientated track with a more then proper drive and vibe. A demanding clever programmed industrial beatstructure has been combined with a dark proggy bassline and a looped wobbly sawstab. Together this functions as a perfect backbone for what will later on become a druggy, hypnotic track. On top of this groove Deriwer place a computerized voice and a few fazed out synthstabs. This track might sound simple at the first listen, but once intergrate it into a DJ set it surely put the crowd into a deep state of trance.The only remix comes Yuriy From Russia. It is his debut on the label and he shows up with a majestic deep hypnotic prog house groover. The huge well compressed bassline that lies underneath the track does the job here. On top Yuriy created a moody but yet lovely sounding carpet of pads, fx’s and bubbling arploops and synthstab. Perhaps this remix puts you ever deep into a state of trance.

Release date: October 2nd, 2013

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