Deriwer – Positive Charge EP

LuPSRec 073 brings for a new Hungarian talent called Deriwer. After a few remixes on LuPS it is now time for a two track EP called Postive Charge. The title track is a more Tech House based track with a firm kickdrum, a solid drive, haunting synths, eerie soundscapes¬†and crispy percussion. A nice build up track. The other Original track is called Exodus. This track contains a very catchy pounding groove. Again you will find a steady and rocksolid kickdrum, some haunting synthslines and some rather spooky fx’s.

The one and only remix of Postive Charge has been done by Dutchman Sjoerd Korsuize. His remix is dark as pure Swiss choclate. For sure this one of Sjoerd’s best remixes to date. A heavy weight dark growling bassline sets the pace for a ruthless remix. This is groovy stuff and it wipes the floor for sure.

The first remix of Exodus comes from DRAFT. This remix goes even deeper then the Original version. A solid pumping rhythm is the backbone for a few very nice spaced out synthstabs which are popping up all along the track moving forwards. This remix is a prefect set builder.

The second remix comes from fast rising talent Stanisha. His remix is close to the Original but more uptempo. Again the organic/natural way of how Stanisha put his tracks together can be heard. This remix just builds up fluidly and with such a natural feel and flow¬†that it grabs you and drowns you into mindless pleasure. A sure shot remix just because it’s magnificent groove.

Release date: May 23rd, 2012