Deriwer – Daytona EP

For the 210th release on LuPS Records Deriwer shows up with a 3 track EP called Daytona. All 3 tracks are caputering the unique Deriwer blend of styles. Tech House, Prog and Deep House with a steady strong beatstructure.

Daytona is a great setbuilder with a solid drive and the perfect ammount of depth and crispyness.

The Stanisha remix of Daytona is one to look after. The sweeping looped stabs in the background are creating a hypotizing atmosphere whilst the crispy percussionlines are pushing track forwards. Stanisha added his trademark moviepicture elements to be sure that this remix will be recogised as his. Once again a magical gem from his hand.

Point Cook is a deeper track with a rather demanding bassline, an oozing depth and a magical atmosphere.

For the remix of Point Cook Yuriy From Russia signed up. His remix contains the perfect amount of springtime inspired atmosphere. This remix feels like the first cosy warm sunshine day after a long cold chilly winter. The whole build up of this remix is phenomenal. After each short breakdown Yuriy introduces a new layer of sound or melody. This remix grows after each listen.

Vista is a more mellow sounding track with a repetitive arpline and oldschool organstabs. It contains a subtile floating build up which makes this track a good setbuilder.

The remix of Vista comes from Deriwer’s countrymate Fiddler. Fiddler delivers a dark growling remix with a devastating no nonsense beatsructure and percussion. This remix is straight in your face and contains a druggy and a bit haunting atmopshere. After the breakdown the track is changing into a more simple sounding track for a while, which makes you a bit confused, but after 30 seconds the big dark bassline is taking over the lead again and then the track is back on track.

Release date: April 16th, 2014