David Depth ft. Angskar – Light Night in the Office

LuPS Records it’s 130rd release brings a new duo from Hungary. Dávid Simon and Oszkar Szalai are delivering a deep Prog House tune which easily could be used for a movie score. A deep tiny echoed bassdrum has been combined with all sorts of percussion, loops, fx’s, dirty bassstabs, female vocalsnippets and voices. This track is a unique blend of styles which is hard to determine.

The first remix comes from another new producer called Ilya Deep. He is delivering a soothing and more melodic remix with deep ambient layers of sound and a gorgeous arped fluteline which drops in half way the track. This is a fragile remix which should be played during the break of dawn.

The second remix comes from Constan. After delivering two other solid remixes on previous LuPS releases he once again shows his strenght in creating hypnotic grooves. A firm kickdrum with crispy percussion and a warm bassline is all you need for this. On top long layers of sounds and synthstabs. This remix drags you into the deep.

The last remix comes from Matt Parker. What he has done to the original is simply. Matt turned it into a decent bumping and steamy deep Tech House tune with a really call baseline that hurts the stomage on loud volume. Then when the breakdown appears Matt introduces the catchy synthstabs which ‘he has polsihed up really good. Then when it all gets back together the track really takes of. This is a rocksolid setbuilder with balls.

Release date: December 12th, 2012