David Depth feat. Angskar – B+ (pt2)

After the well received first part of David Depth feat. Angskar – B+ with massive remixes from Agrande, Kay-D and Hector Sawiak it is now time for 3 new fresh remixes by Adam P, Napalm and Matt Parker.

First remix of B+ comes from Adam P. It is the debut of Adam on LuPS and it a solid debut so to say. His remix kicks of with a bright soothing and ambient intro. After 30 seconds Adam starts to build up a massive groove which just rolls out of your speakers. This remix is another timeless gem which just gives you shivers down your spine and goosebumps on your skin.

Second remix comes from ever consistent Napalm. Nanai turned the original into a steamy and smoking piece of peaktime hour Prog Tech House. This remix contains a druggy and foggy atmosphere which for sure will go down well on a packed dancefloor with a burning stroboscope and a pumping smoke machine. A bomb track.

The last remix comes from Matt Parker. His remix is a pretty unique piece of craftsmanship. It is almost art with all it’s sounds and snippets from jazz, ethnic sitars, ragga muffin bassline and guitarriffs. Truly a unique blend of styles on Tech House beats. Hard to describe but very usefull on the beach for a good chill out with a cocktail and a little dance.

Release date: April 10th, 2013