Cut Knob – Burn It And Shake Da Floor

LuPSRec 107 brings the debut of Colombian producers duo Cut Knob on LuPS Records. They are delivering an ‘old school’ progressive house track with a spooky deep feel. A bubbling arp in the background is creating a hypnotic atmosphere whilst a couple of synthstabs and a few eerie melodylines are causing a dreamy and moody vibe. For sure this original will find it’s way to lovers of true prog house from a decade ago.

The 1st remix comes from Kloseb. This Argentinian producer managed to keep the vibe of the original but all along the track towards the breakdown section Emmanual is introducing a fe new element. One of the is a live breakbeat with cool drumscombined with a swirling arpreggio. Towards the end the track is getting rougher and rougher and contains some unexpected fx’s and twists.  

The 2nd remix comes from Greek producer Psychowsky. His Acid Burn remix is a true type Psychowsky track. A big pounding kickdrum, steady clever programmed percussion are creating a crispy rocksolid groove to dance your feet off. This is a unstopable peaktime hour track with a lovely vibe and feel.

The last remix comes from F-Act. This guy needs no introduction any longer. When you ask him for a remix you know it will be one of high quality. Once again Bruno Kaufmann managed to create a huge epic atmosphere. A big rocking groove, long synthlayers, new melodylines and a perfect hihat patern are creating a hype and trancy atmosphere for a mindless trip into space. This is the perfect peaktme hour dancefloor shaking bomb.

Release date: August 29th, 2012