Constantine Vit – Something Like That

The 229th release on LuPS brings an Original from Lithuanian producer Constantine Vit aka Konstantin Sorokin. His debut track is called Something Like That and is a dark gritty track with a downtempo sleazy groove filled up with many acidic sounds, raw synthstab and spooky fx’s. The whole atmosphere is druggy tensed and haunting. For sure not a peaktime hour club tune but one for those very late night hours before going home.

The only remix of Something Like that comes from Arkadia aka Liam Annert from Australia. His remix is more uptempo Tech House and contains a steady groove with driving percussionlines and a dazzling filtered bass saw arpline which is pushing the track forward. On top Liam placed some old-school synthstab to give the track a more clubby edge flavour. This is a great setbuilder with alot of potential to set a dancefloor on fire.