Beat Maniacs – Hi Shelf

Beat Maniacs are Petar Bogojevic and Nikola Radivojevic. Two talented artists and dj`s from Belgrade, Serbia. With former releases on labels like Balkan Connection and Stellar Fountain Records (Hungary) it is now time for a release on LuPS Records with their track Hi Shelf. The original track starts with a clean percusionloop filled up with a industrial machine sound fx loop combined with a couple of white noise filtered sounds. After a while a deep kickdrum drops in and then the atmosphere has been set for a curious ride into a sort of timemachine. All along the way Petar and Nikola are introducing new elements like a morphed bell arpregio. Then during the breakdown a spooky but yet moody melodyline combined with tweaked female vocalsnippets are taking over the track and turning the whole arrangement into a deep swirling weightless fantasy voyage.

The first remix comes from Jaap Ligthart. His remix just could be best descriped as a bomb i disguise. Nobody knows how Jaap managed to create such a monsterous groove, but from the first note till the last it just makes you want to dance your pants off. This remix is a peaktime hour monster with a gorgeous eerie atmosphere, a superb drive and a devestating groove. A sure shot.

The last remix comes from The Kinetic Movement aka Bas Visser who returns to LuPS for his third overall appearance on the label. His reinterpretation of Hi Shelf just goes just way beyond imagination. A laidback but yet steady percussion groove has been combined with a deep resonating slappy bassline to create a perfect setting for the few atmospheric pads and syntlines. Towards the end of the track the recognisable morphed and arped bellsound makes you remember that you are delaing with a remix of Hi Shelf. Welldone.

Release date: July 10th, 2013