AV8 – Afghan Dreams

LuPS 076 brings a new talent to the frontline. Originally hailing from Glasgow, AV8 puts a party slant on a Techy, Proggy, Electronic mix. An Air Force pilot by day, if he’s not behind the decks you’ll find him at 30000ft, allowing for some unique branding opportunities and an exclusivity not always found in the music industry. Afghan Dreams is one of his first projects and is a big-room progressive track composed entirely in Afghanistan during his military service there.

Alongside his Original version, AV8 delivers a second more Tech House orientated remix called AV8’s Lost In Kabul Remix. This version contains some steady beats and driving percussion and will does it’s work well in the big room clubs.

The first remix comes from Leon Desante. This remix is by far LuPS most experimental track ever released. Leon turned the Original track into a downtempo breaksversion with ragging synthlines and simplefied instruments. This remix is not for the average.

The second remix comes from Hilltop Housecats. This remix is simple but effective and slightly commercial with it’s hand raising synthook that swells up every now and then.  This is a remix that will do well on the dancefloor in more commercial clubs.

To finsh this release in style Wav-E comes up with a superb uptempo remix full of new melodylines and crispy percussion and a pumping groove. This is a perfect to set a big room dancefloor on fire. A sure shot.