AudioStorm – Fly With Me

AudioStorm aka Ognjen Vukovic returns to LuPS for another solid release from his hands. Fly With Me is a melodic Deep House track with a summerish fresh uplifting feel. The track contains a rather cool morphed trumpet sound which pops up every now and then. Besides Ognjen created a real floating atmopshere with well programmed percussionlines and fragile tiny melodylines.

The first remix or better rework comes from Ognjen himself. His Tropical Hibernation Mix is a downtempo chill out tune which is perfect for a sunset on the beach. The start is perfectly gorgeous and really tensed and fragile. Then when the downtempo breakbeats are coming in the whole track comes alive.

The second remix coems from labelboss Jacco@Work. His reinterpretation of the original is a based upon a Tech House angle. His rmeix contains a steady and solid beatstructure with a blunted bassline and driving percussion. As the track develops Jacco adds bit by bit the original elements but in a tweaked and morphed way. This gives his remix a more raw and freaky feel.

To top it all of Vlada D’Shake shows up with a flying and floating remix which oozes depth and space. A great groove is carrying this track very well. On top of this groove Vladimir add all sorts of fx’s, tweaked original sounds and a handfull of additional sounds, pads and bassstab. For sure this remix will find it’s way into many dj-sets.


Release date: April 23rd, 2014