AudioStorm – Amazon Clouds

LuPS its 113rd brings a relative new producer to the surface. Ognjen Vukovic aka AudioStorm delivered a stunning atmospheric prog house track. A firm kickdrum, well programmed percussion and a deep warm bassline forms a perfect background for a floating, dreamy track with all sorts of eerie soundscapes, swelling synthlines, vocalsnippets, swirling arps and spacey fx’s.The first remix comes from Napalm. After his well received first appearance on LuPS with his track Long Journey it is now time for his second production. Napalm turned the Original into a big peaktime hour floorfilling bomb with a massive drive and a gorgeous breathtaking. Napalm simply used one of the synststablines of the original (which can be heard more in the background) and builded an infectious groove around it. On top the long woven soundlayers found it’s place.The second remix comes from Loquai aka Konstantin Alt. Also Konstantin used the same sythstabline as Napalm as main element fo his remix. Also this remix contains a swirling and very danceable groove which makes this a great warming up tune.

The last remix comes from Vlada D’Shake aka Vladimir Radisic. Vladimir took a totaly different route for his remix. His remix contains a laidback deep soothing groove with a rather relaxing bassline and crispy fx’s. The Vlada D’Shake remix proves that the good old prog sound is still alive in all it’s facets.

Release date: September 5th, 2012