AudioStorm – Alexander The Great

AudioStorm (aka Ognjen Vukovic) returns to LuPS for a new single called Alexander The Great. Once again Ognjen delivers a gorgeous deep moody quality prog house track. The original oozes depth and is causing a relaxed atmosphere. Long layers of sound, eerie pads, growling sawlines and crispy percussion are doing the rest.

The first remix comes from JJ Grant. It is his debut on the label and how. He delivers a true type chugging prog remix with a devastating bassline and a tremendous flow and feel. This remix goes even deeper then the original and is causing goosebumps on your skin and shivers down your spin. This is a straight from the heart Prog remix at it’s best.

The last remix comes Jose Tabarez. It is also his debut on the label. He delivers a stunning remix with a great drive and magical atmosphere. This remix contains tight percussion and a great prog bassline. On top he placed a delicate and fragile carpet of pads and fx’s. Solid remix.

Release date: February 26th, 2014