Audioknob – Deep Matters

The 191th release on the label comes from a relative new Turkish duo called Beyza Olcay & Cuneyt Karayalcin. Hailing from Instanbul they are delivering a more Tech House bassed original track with a chunky and funky slappy bassline and a crispy rhythmstructure. To top it all of the duo added some old school sounding Deep House synth stabs with a lot of reverb. Alongside this version the duo also delivers a version with Mahur Tukan on vocal duties. All together this version is very usefull as warming up tune.

The first remix comes from Cache. His rework is rather catchy and inventive. A restless rhythmpattern pushes this version forward. On top he placed the original synthstabs but as the track moves further he starts to morphed and tweaked those syntstabs. In this way a whole new sound of the synthstab shows up. Welldone.

The second remix comes from Keremeris. His remix is close to the original but contains a new more heavier (sub)bassline and some additonal fx’s and extra delays and reverbs on the synthstabs. Nice warming up tune aswell.

The last remix comes from hard working producer Tolga Diler. His remix contains the vocalsparts. Tolga managed to build a great swinging groove (like the one in Perasma – Swing To Harmony) which he combined beautifully with deep spacey atmospheric elements, fx’s, pads and well balanced vocalparts and snippets. This all leads to a dreamy, moody warm and foggy track with a perfect summerish feel.

Release date: September 18th, 2013