Andrew Johnson – Jetstream

Back on track with LuPS. Release 032 brings you Andrew Johnson from the UK. Andrew delivers a very interesting original track. A morphed and filtered synthline is the main catchy element of this track. It just goes on and on and takes you into higher atmospheres. (Perhaps that’s why Andrew called this track Jetstream). Anyway combined with a fingerlicking warm and deep baseline and some steady beats and percussion makes this track a wanna have.

The Laidback remix is more dancefloor orientated version done by Andrew himself. A steady 4 to floor beatstruct are combined with more mellow synthlines, stabs and swirling acidiclines makes this track perfect for warm up sets.

MISHAlekseev shows up with a more the great remix. He shows his talent and fine taste for breaks. This prog-house breaks with balls. Superb programmed beats and percussion here. All on top of a growling baseline that test the durability of your woofers. The morphed and filtered synthline of the original really fits very well. This remix is just a clever blend and really shows the great talent of Misha.

Once again another gifted and talented Russian producer called Matrick returns to LuPS for a remix. Matrick takes a totally different direction. Steady beats and percussion and a big pumping baseline (which are slightly becoming Matrick’s trademark) are making this remix very dancefloor friendly. On top of it all you’ll find new melodylines and fine effects. Be sure you check out this remix if you are looking for a good piece of warm up music.