Andre Volodin – Sleepy Road

LuPSRec 162 brings a new Russian producer. Andrey Volodin delivers a more club orientated Tech House tune with a tweaked and morphed bellsound and a growling bassline which rocks of the wallpapers. Andrey did some pretty clever percussion programming which gave the track a solid uplifting vibe.
Halfway the track in the break Andre introduces some mellow moody synstabs and a new hookline which turns the track into a an even more uplifting tune for those peaktime hour moments.

The first remix comes from Ilya Deep. Ilya is rapidly making name and fame with his deep, soft magical approach in his Original tracks and remixes. His The Road To The Lost Kingdom Remix is no exception to his style. His remix starts with a deep moody, foggy outerspace pad which makes it ideal as setopener. After a while Ilya introduces his laidback beats and percussionlines which he combined with a warm bold bassline. This all leads to a dreamy, chilling track for those earsoothing late night moments after hard clubbing.

The last remix comes from labelboss Jacco@Work. His remix kicks of with an uptempo clubby groove stuffed up with driving percussion and a cool bongoloop. He re-used the original bassline. All together this leads to a danceable groove. On top of this perfect groove he replaced the samples of the Original track but not with out the usual freaked filtering and tweaking of the samples. Besides that he added some extra melody and syntstabs to top it all of.

Release date: May 1st, 2013