Analog Effect – Rambutan

The 139th release on LuPS brings Dutch Duo Analog Effect. Hailing from Amsterdam these two producers created a monstertune. Rambutan is a very well overthought production with clever programmed percussion which makes the track already danceable from the very first note. Then at 2 minutes a resonating bassline kicks which gives the track the needed tension. 30 seconds later the full bassline appears and then the track really takes off towards a twisted and spaced out breakdown which is so tensed that you can hear that everyone is holding its breath for what is coming up next. This is a peaktime hour bomb in disguise and surely one of Analog Effect it’s best productions to date.The only remix has been provided by Soundbalance. They’ve stripped down the Original and turned it into a more Tech House track with a very cool groove with a woobly bassline and more uptempo feel. This remix is a solid setbuilder and could be easily that tune during a set which lits of the dancefloor.Release date: November 7th, 2012

Purchase at Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/rambutan-single/980504