Amezquita – Whale Nation

For the 224th release on LuPS Columbian producer Santiago Amezquita signed up with a great ‘classic’ Prog House track called Whale Nation. The track starts with a crispy breakbeatloop which has been filled up with a deep swirling pad, inhaling sounds and great a warm bassline. Right from the start this combination of sounds is causing a gorgeous dreamy soothing atmosphere. As the track develops Santiago introduces a couple goosebumping soundlines and melodies. All together this track is just a magical underwater fantasy voyage containing the right angle and spirit.

The first remix comes from Sasha Elektroniker. He stripped down the original track and added a simple, minimal flavoured beatstructure which gives the whole track a more electronic 80’s feel. On top he replaced the original elements and a handfull of additional synthriffs and stabs. Not an average track but one for the late night hours.

The second remix comes from FOND. After his very well received single Nibree he now returns with another interesting piece of work. He created a slamming Tech House bassed groove with a demanding dark spooky vibe. On top of this chugging groove he placed a fine selection of the original samples and a few new elements like a enchanting female voxsnippet, a dark resonanting bassline and crispy percussion. Another timeless gem by FOND.

The last remix comes from Julian Dep. He is on fire lately with delivering very tasteful soothing deep Prog House tracks. His remix of Whale Nation is no exception to that. He kept his remix close to the original version but he added a stronger groove with a proper drive and an even more magical atmosphere by adding new eerie sounding layers and pads. Rocksolid remix which drags you into the deep undiscovered parts of your soul, body and mind.


Release date: June 18th, 2014